Why You Really Need Citizen Aviator Eco-Drive CA4484-88E Men’s Watch

Citizen Aviator Watch

The Citizen Aviator Chronograph Black Dial Eco-Drive CA4484-88E 100M Men's Watch is one of the coolest watches out there. It’s sleek as well as stylish and has a ton of features that make it an automatic buy for anyone looking for a watch. The features of this watch are as such that it is an all-around performer, it has a sleek, stylish appearance and can be worn in any formality. 

The big selling point of this Citizen Watch is the eco-drive. This watch has an eco-drive that allows it to charge itself with light, meaning you won’t have to worry about having a battery or wall charger on hand. There are a ton of great features that this watch has and if you are on the hunt for a cool-looking watch. I highly recommend this one.


Eco-Drive Movement

The watch is powered by light because of the light-powered eco-drive movement. This eco-drive movement harnesses light energy and stores it up to generate the power required to power itself. Thus allowing you to wear the watch continuously without needing a battery replacement or wind-up session. This makes the watch a very convenient buy in terms of maintenance and also usability.

Tachymeter Scale

The scale on the bezel of the watch is a tachymeter. The function of a tachymeter is to calculate speed and or distance over time. This allows you to easily calculate the speed of any moving object or the distance covered over time without having to use any complex mathematical formulas. The scale on the watch is designed with a luminous material so that you can see it at night when it is dark as well.

Date Display

The watch has got a calendar right there on its display. This allows you to see your date without guessing make or running into any confusion while determining your date.

Deployment Clasp

The watch features a deployment clasp that fastens the watch around your wrist. This clasp is made of stainless steel. The unique part about this clasp is that it has got a safety feature called “deployment protection”. This deployment protection feature protects your watch from accidentally flying off your hand while performing some action vigorously.


It is very rare to find an automatic watch with this much level of accuracy in its performance. In terms of accuracy, the CA4484-88E beats out almost every other automatic watch ever produced to date.

Power Reserve

This function requires the user to push any button on the side of the case in order to start measuring whatever interval they want. The watch will be able to measure the length of the time intervals for you. The power reserve is displayed on the scale on the bezel and analog display of the watch.

Screwed Case Back

Since the case back is strong in, it ensures that your inner gears and components are safe against any pressure or water. This gives your watch a much higher level of durability and sturdiness than any other automatic watch you can buy today. The screwed case back also makes sure to keep your inner gears protected from dust entering in and ruining it over time.

12/24 Hours Display

The Citizen Aviator Watch features a display that is set between 12 and 24 hours. The purpose of this analog display is to allow you to easily read off the time of day when it is night or day for instance.

Luminous Hands And Markers

The watch features a luminous material, which means that it has got a small glow coming out of it naturally. This glow can be easily seen at night and allows you to tell the time during the night without having to rely on your ears while doing so. The luminous hands and markers make sure that you can see your time no matter what type of lighting condition occurs on a given day and even at night.

100M Water Resistance

This watch is highly resistant to water, making it a very reliable buy when it comes to waterproof watches.

This Citizen Aviator Watch makes for a great gift for people who love watches and like to wear them. The watch is sleek and stylish. It has cool features which add a lot of value to it as well. This makes it a very smart buy when it comes to gifting someone. Something that they will remember you by for a lifetime. This watch is amongst the best watches ever produced by one of the leading tech giants in the world today.

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