What kind of people love Citizen-Analog-Watches?


The Citizen-Analog-Watch Leather Blue Dial Quartz BE9170-05L Men’s Watch is made for active people. Business people who want a good, reliable watch that they can take on all of their business trips, outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking and camping, and sportsmen who want something durable but low-key. People who travel constantly love Analog Quartz watches because they’re so easy to keep up with.

The Citizen Analog Leather Blue Dial Quartz BE9170-05L Men’s Watch is a watch meant for people who believe in living their lives to the fullest. This model of the Citizen has a slick look while still providing you with everything you need out of a timepiece. It features a blue dial that accentuates the analog display.

If you’re trying to find something sleek but simple, the citizen-Analog-Watch is what you’re looking for. This model of the watch is made from stainless steel case with a blue leather strap and a simple design making it a more casual watch while still functioning as an accurate timepiece. Even though it is a very simple timepiece, Citizen Men’s Watch is still extremely low maintenance. The Citizen is a watch that can be worn on any occasion and will make you look great.

Dedicated to the essentials, this model of the watch has a large-sized case that measures 39mm” in diameter. This makes it ideal for people with bigger wrists because it has enough space to fit comfortably without looking awkward on them. The case thickness measures at 10mm”. This is the measurement from the very top of the watch to the bottom of it.

The Men’s Watch supports up to 50 meters of water resistance, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your watch when it accidentally gets wet. The Citizen Watch features a quartz movement that provides reliable timekeeping indoors and out. This type of movement is typically found in many enticer watches, especially those designed for water use. This function also takes care of the battery life as well, making this model of the Citizen useful for people who enjoy a casual watch.

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