Top Citizen Aqualand Watches: Perfect Collection

Citizen Aqualand watch


The brand Citizen was first registered in Switzerland by Schmid in 1918 for watches he sold in Japan. Citizen Aqualand would go on to sell about 14 million watches throughout the world. The company has invested heavily in technology, which has allowed it to implement and improve upon new innovations with each model release. Citizen is also responsible for multiple firsts in watchmaking history, including the world's thinnest mechanical watch movement.

Citizen Aqualand Men’s Watch

The Citizen Aqualand watch is a versatile and stylish timepiece that will complement any outfit. Its sophisticated features make it one of the most elegant watches. The Citizen Aqualand's durable construction ensures its longevity, so you'll have years of use with just one acquisition!

The Citizen Aqualand is part of the Manta line, which boasts a beautiful design as well as efficient functionality. The black case contrasts handsomely with the opaline dial that features luminous hands and hour markers for easy viewing in all lighting conditions. If you're looking for convenience on your wrist, then this watch is the perfect purchase. The analog display is easy to read, as are its date and time. The band has an adjustable buckle for a perfect fit, and the watch's water resistance means it can even be worn for diving.

Citizen Aqualand JP1060-52L JP1060 Men’s Watch

The Citizen Aqualand DiverPromaster Sea JP1060-52L Depth Meter Men's Watch is the best for that special someone in your life. The watch has a variety of features including a unique diver’s watch, an underwater depth display, and a water-temperature indicator. Plus, it boasts 200m water resistance and is perfectly functional for professional divers or students. At Citizen watch, we offer this model at an affordable price to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for!

Because of the water-temperature indicator, you can check the water temperature at any given time. The watch will also inform you if the current temperature is low enough to dive unaided. Don’t be fooled by lower price watches that only have an alarm or timer. You will be purchasing a high-quality watch that has all the features you need to keep in touch with your friends and family during dives!

If you were looking for a unique divers watch, then this is exactly what you want! This watch has a full chronograph and measures up to 24 hours in 1/100 of a second. The large date display ensures it is easy to read while on dives or training sessions.

Ana-digi Quartz movement
Professional Divers Watch
Depth alarm
Dive time alarm
Maximum depth indicator

Citizen Aqualand JP2000-08E Men’s Watch

The Citizen Aqualand men's watch is one of Citizen's most exclusive dive watches, featuring a unidirectional rotating bezel. It has been rated as extremely accurate in water and will also provide a professional diver with the convenience of a dive time alarm. The Citizen Aqualand diver men's watch is sure to make any professional diver look like a pro.

The Citizen Aqualand watch has a highly durable case, which protects the watch from any impact that might harm it. The hardened case is also very light in weight, ensuring that the diver does not have to carry around a bulky watch. This is very beneficial for professional divers since they must wear their watches for long periods of time without removing them. The citizen watch features a unidirectional rotating bezel, which can be used to keep track of time during long dives.

Ana-digi Quartz movement
Professional Divers Watch
Depth Memory for Last Dive
Rapid ascent warning
1/100 second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours

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