The Citizen Automatic NJ0100-89A Men’s Watch Is a Solid Watch

Citizen Automatic Watch
Approximate Case Diameter: 45mm
, Approximate Case Thickness: 12mm

The Citizen Automatic NJ0100-89A Men’s Watch is a good and reliable watch to wear. It has a sleek, attractive design with all the essential features that you want and needs in a watch at an affordable price. The watch has an automatic movement which means that it is powered by your body’s actions rather than using batteries. This makes the citizen automatic men’s watch an efficient choice for those who are always on the go or active.

Another feature of this watch that makes considerations easier is the dial display which features three different indices and a date on a white background. It is an analog dial with luminous hands and markers. In addition, the crystal glass is scratch resistant so that the watch looks good even after countless wears.

The metal bracelet of the Citizen Watch is sturdy and easy to wear. Because it is constructed from stainless steel, it will serve you well for a very long time before it has to be replaced. The bracelet may be worn on any region of the wrist thanks to the adjustable deployment clasp. Given its intended everyday use, the watch has a high-quality mineral crystal.

The date function of this watch is also noteworthy. You can see the time and the day of the week at a glance despite the smaller display compared to other watches. Although seemingly inconsequential, knowing the day of the week at a glance may be a huge time saver when you need to go someplace quickly.

Automatic movement means that this watch is both modern and super efficient. It does not stop every thirty seconds as it does with mechanical watches; it only runs when you push the button on the side of the watch. This makes timekeeping more accurate and energy efficient. This ensures that you will not have to wind the watch up at night or give up your day to go buy batteries which can be very costly and may cause exhaustion.

Caliber: 8210 means quality and efficiency. The 8210 is a well-known watch movement that is made in Japan. It is one of the most accurate and efficient movements out there because it has been perfected time by the citizen watch company.

Mineral Crystal is also very important as it is scratch-resistant and also water resistant. This means that the watch will not break down after a year of daily use or in the event of accidental water exposure. It will be fine when you put it back on your wrist and it will still work fine.

Luminous hands and markers feature are not essential but it makes the watch look more appealing and eye-catching especially if you are in a dark room and can only see the hands of your watches. You can also use it as a flashlight or simply see what time it is as you try to navigate through your room.

100M Water Resistance for daily wear will assure that the watch is resistant to water and you won’t have to worry about it breaking down after a year. You can wear it underwater and not worry about it being damaged and thus not working if submerged in water.

All in all, the Citizen Automatic NJ0100-89A Men’s Watch is a reliable watch with features that guarantee its durability and efficiency. It is an affordable watch for those who are on a budget or on a tight budget but still have good taste as well as good value for your money. 

It is also stylish and appealing which will make it an excellent watch to have in any situation that you may be in. It has all the essential features that ensure both efficiencies of use and durability. It is an automatic watch so it is both efficient and accurate. It has a modern, elegant design that will fit your style and make you look attractive at the same time.

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