How Good Are Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive JY8109-85E Men’s Watch?

Citizen Promaster

200M Water Resistance

Approximate Case Diameter: 45mm, Approximate Case Thickness: 14mm

The Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive JY8109-85E Men’s Watch is a high-quality watch that offers countless benefits. It has an attractive titanium casing and titanium bracelet design, which makes it suitable for any type of person looking to buy it.

It features an eco-drive movement and is solar-powered, so no battery changes will be necessary. Citizen has also equipped the watch with an analog-digital display and the brand’s proprietary “Perpetual Calendar”, which displays the day and date display at all times. 

Additionally, it has a summertime setting, dual time zones, and a world-time setting. It also features an alarm, a stopwatch, and an LED light that flashes red during the day and at the end of each hour.

The range’s exclusive “Global Radio Controlled” function allows the watch to be synchronized with radio signals from distant radio controllers, which makes it ideal for international travelers looking for a reliable source of timekeeping. 

The high-quality movement ensures that the watch keeps perfect time for everyday use with no need for battery changes or constant maintenance for years on end.

Citizen Promaster Watch may be a good fit for someone who’s looking for something reliable and long-lasting, but it also has some limitations. It tends to be a bit heavy because of its casing. 

Some users like the fact that this watch is solar-powered, but they find it annoying that it takes so long to charge. It works well initially, but you’ll have to manually adjust it on occasion if you want to continue using all of its features.

The citizen watch is a high-end watch and the pricing of this model may be quite a bit on the higher side compared to other watches. 

However, if you can spend that much money on a timepiece that you know would last you for many years, then I guess it would be what you are looking for.

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