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Citizen Promaster Watch

Citizen Promaster Sky Eco-Drive CB5007-51H Radio-Controlled Men’s Watch

The Citizen Promaster Sky Eco-Drive CB5007-51H radio-controlled men’s watch is a perfect choice for the active individual. This watch can be worn in any environment, perfect even underwater. The citizen men’s watch features an black dial with a day and date window, chronograph functionality, and a perpetual calendar display. The watch’s dial is made from a high-quality sapphire crystal that offers durability and clarity with every glance while protecting it from scratches and other impacts when not on your wrist. 

The citizen watch features a grey IP stainless steel case. The case is water resistant up to 200 meters which means you can put it in the shower and not have to worry about it being damaged. The material is also highly scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry about things like keys and other sharp objects damaging your watch face while cleaning your house. The citizen men’s watch features a black ion-plated stainless steel bracelet that is fitted with an automatic movement that has been coated with a sapphire crystal which not only protects the watch but also gives it a glossy look and feel. Overall the watch features a beautiful and unique design.

Customer Review

I’m a big fan of the Citizen Promaster watch line. The Eco-Drive technology is amazing, and the watch’s design is attractive with a masculine look. The price is pretty reasonable too!

I really like this watch. It is just the right size and it fits perfectly on my wrist. The bracelet is very comfortable, and no matter how much I move my arm. But overall the watch is worth buying!

Like all Citizen watches I have owned, this watch is top quality in terms of materials and construction. It comes with a battery installed, so it’s set to go right out of the box. I like the Eco-Drive movement as well. It’s environmentally friendly and keeps accurate time because it doesn’t have a battery that has to be replaced.

Overall the watch features a beautiful and unique design. It is perfect for any man that loves the beach or active outdoors. The dials of the watch can be customized to allow for timed laps, distance swimming, and even an alarm that can be set to remind you if you are planning on meeting up with a friend or relative at a certain time. If you want an amazing-looking, durable watch then look no further because Citizen has made one of the best of their kind.

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