Citizen Mother of Pearl Eco-Drive EM0810-84N Beautiful Watch for Women

Citizen Mother of Pearl Watch

Citizen Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Eco-Drive EM0810-84N Women’s Watch

The Citizen Mother of Pearl EM0810-84N Women’s Watch is an excellent example of the premium, high-quality watches offered by Citizen. Built with stainless steel, 32mm case diameter, and 8mm case thickness. It also comes with a white mother-of-pearl dial that is adorned with indices and baton hour markers for easy viewing. This Citizen watch is powered by an Eco-Drive movement that will never require a battery change so you’ll never have to worry about running out of power when you need it most. It also comes with a solid case back so you know that the watch will not be easily scratched or damaged.

The overall style of the watch is very feminine and is inspired by the designs that women have been wearing for years. The mother-of-pearl dial adds to this feeling as the darker color gives it a unique look. Large hands and indices are an excellent way to keep track of time without making it any more difficult for you to read than it already is. The mesh bracelet is made out of stainless steel and has been treated with natural oils that make the material easier to slide on and off of your wrist.

The watch is protected from water up to 50m deep. With so many good things to say about it, it’s not surprising that people have liked this watch for years. This is the watch you should start looking for if you want to look classy and elegant while also making sure you can tell the time correctly. You’ll love how it looks on your wrist and how well it goes with every outfit you wear every day.

The design of the Mother Of Pearl Stainless Steel Eco-Drive EM0810-84N Women's Watch is excellent in every aspect. It is a large watch but the shape is actually very feminine and slim. The mother of pearl dial gives it a very classy look that many women will be able to appreciate while still making it an appealing choice for men as well. The indices and baton hour markers are clear, easy to read and do not obscure what you are trying to see as they are large enough to be read easily.

Brand Recognition

Citizen has grown into one of the most well-known watch companies in the entire world. They merge traditional craftsmanship with current processes and technologies to create superior timepieces. From professional casual watches to dress watches and everything in between. Citizen is always eager to offer their customers an excellent product at a fair price.

As one of the leaders in style and design. Citizen is able to develop new wristwatches faster than most other brands. Often comes up with some of the most revolutionary ideas for watches today. This has resulted in the development of a wide variety of styles within the traditional aesthetic. That has been empowered with modern technology and materials to produce some of the most incredible timepieces ever made.

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