Citizen Eco-Drive: Square Stylish With Mineral Glass Watch

Citizen Eco Drive Axiom

Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom BL6000-55E Diamond Accents Women’s Watch

The most recently added timepiece to the Citizen Eco-Drive line, the Axiom is a stylish, yet technically sophisticated fashion watch. The Citizen Eco-Drive is an innovative technology that eliminates the need for battery replacement and features solar charging capability via any light source. This means you never have to set your watch or worry about replacing batteries again.
Citizen’s new cutting-edge design and purity of form truly make it stand out from any other watch of its kind on the market today. With a sleek, modernist black dial and diamond accents, this elegant timepiece is perfect for all occasions – whether you are dressing up for work or going out at night with friends.

Irresistible beauty of light

The innovative Eco-Drive method of eco-drive movement use only sunlight or artificial light to power the timepiece. This eliminates the need for the wearer to wind the watch, replace the battery, or ever service or overhaul the device. There is no need to change the battery in this watch for up to two years when solar charging is an option.

Eco-friendly beauty shining through from the black dial

The new diamond accents on the face and bezel of this watch really pop against the black dial, creating an eye-catching and elegant design. The diamond accents, appear white in the sunlight.

Square Stylish

With its square design, this watch will easily fit in and prove a stylish addition to your wrist. Because it is so elegant, you can wear the watch to work or with casual outfits. The new watch combines Citizen’s creative design. Superior technology to create an original style watch that is both elegant and stylish. This watch does not require a battery or winding, but it will keep accurate time for up to two years without being wound. With every light source, including natural daylight, the Eco-Drive movement will keep your perfect time.

Piece for work

The Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom is perfect for all occasions. From a business meeting to a night out on the town, this stylish timepiece will grab everyone’s attention with its elegant look and high functionality. The black dial complements any look while the diamond accents turn any outfit into one worth looking into.

Comfortable and changeable to suit your mood

The bracelet can be taken off and changed for one that fits better or is more comfortable. Designed for all occasions from business meetings to daily wear, this fine timepiece is a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom, taken as a whole, is a functional and fashionable accessory. This revolutionary watch never needs to be wound or have a battery replaced, making it ideal for any event. The square shape complements both dressy and relaxed attire, and the black dial with diamond accents makes for a sophisticated and practical timepiece.

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