Citizen Eco-Drive Endeavor Watch: Suitable For Both Professional And Amateur Divers

Citizen Eco-Drive Endeavor

If you’re a man looking for the perfect watch, then look no further. Citizen Eco-Drive Endeavor Watch has been designed to address all of the needs of a man-in-one watch. It comes with both professional and amateur diving features. If you’re serious about your diving, then this is definitely the best option out there.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Diver’s BJ7140-53E Men’s Watch is a uniquely designed watch. It is on the pricey side, but it has a sleek, sporty design that is perfect for anyone who needs to be in the water. This watch has an analog display and a date display to keep you up to date.

The Eco-Drive movement allows it to run on solar power, so no need for batteries or replacing power being exposed to the sun. This citizen watch is water resistant up to 200 meters and has a screw-down crown.

look at the design of the watch, the pictures are not enough to inspire your motivation. This watch looks great! I think it’s a pretty unique design and the strap is nice, too.

What kind of dive watches are they modeling this thing after?

Citizen Eco-Drive Endeavor makes a looking for something with a similar look to this watch that has at least some water resistance. 

This Citizen is fantastic looking, and it’s great to have such a technologically advanced timepiece available at an affordable price. It would be nice if this one had at least 200 meters of water resistance rather than 200 meters but that’s a minor quibble for me personally. This is a perfect example of the Eco-Drive concept in action.

Overall, The watch is beautiful, but given the price, you’d be better off just buying a Citizen with a sapphire crystal and the same movement. If you do want a high-quality watch with user-friendliness and great value, though, this is a great choice.

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